West Wickham and Streetly End

Heating Oil Syndicate

The oil syndicate in the village used to operate by members contacting Sue Thurston by given deadlines during the year; she would telephone local suppliers and place an order for a bulk delivery.  This ensured a lower price per litre than if everyone ordered individually and reduced the journeys needing to be made by the delivery vehicles.

After some investigation, Sue has concluded that a better service for members can be found by ordering via Agricole.  Agricole operates on a very similar way to the old syndicate but on a much larger scale and is used by a number of villages in the area.  A quote from their website reads:

Agricole does not just use one heating oil supplier but uses a panel of oil suppliers to quote for heating oil.  That way you receive a very competitive oil price every time you ring. It may not be the very absolute cheapest oil available (as we do not contact all suppliers) but we aim to get you a very competitive oil price and provide a friendly and efficient service to our customers. Agricole takes the hassle out of the oil ordering process, as we do the market research for you.

Once you place the order for your heating oil your details are passed to the ‘winning’ supplier. The supplier then rings you to arrange payment and delivery of your oil. Deliveries are normally 2-3 days from order. Agricole Oil never handles your payment but is in the background making sure your delivery goes smoothly.

Agricole will also make a donation to the village of £5 per calendar year for each member who places orders totalling at least 1000 litres.  They will pass the money on to local charities and good causes operating in the village.

If you register with Agricole they will e-mail you once a month to ask if you want to place an order and let you know how the market is behaving.  Their website can be found at www.heating-oil-prices.co.uk 

For those of you without e-mail, Sue is willing to be your point of contact.  If you let her know when you need oil and how much, she will contact Agricole on your behalf.

If you would like any further information please contact Sue (details below).

Sue Thurston
29 Burton End
01223 290503