West Wickham and Streetly End

Meeting 1 Topics

West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan
Working Group Meeting 1st April 2014

  1. What is a Neighbourhood Plan
  2. What is its status within the Local Development Plan 2014 -2031
  3. What do we think we want to achieve, is this representative of the community?
  4. What is the process?
    • Define the area – West Wratting as well?
    • Consider representation of the community within the group (ethnicity, age, religion, location etc)
    • Advise South Cambridgeshire District Council to provide recognition and support.
    • Consult with the Community to establish consensus (6 weeks) before making formal application for undertaking a Plan.
    • If successful apply Process Diagram to deliver Plan
  5. Funding – available from before application for a plan -£500 tranches
  6. Meetings – suggest monthly in Village Hall fixed dates in advanced – can be cancelled –no charge
  7. Printing –circulars, survey forms, notices. Village Voice contribution for inserts.
  8. Recruitment – who else can we get into group (second bullet point)
  9. Surveys – door to door questionnaire for gaining opinion.
  10. Traffic and transport
  11. Can aspirations be realistically met? Water, Sewage, Electricity, Telephone/broadband, Roads, Footpaths, Houses, Land, Money
  12. Actions for group members