West Wickham and Streetly End

Meeting 2 Topics

West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan
Working Group Meeting 6th May 2014

  1. Working Group view on Grant Submission
  2. Have we identified any representatives from Streetly End
  3. Structure of Working Group
    Part time attendance and co-opted members?
    Declarations of interest.
  4. Start preparation of Village Questionnaire (See Village Survey Questionnaire – attached)
    Prepare Circular to go out with Questionnaire to explain Neighbourhood Plan
    Does everyone have Microsoft Word?
  5. Publication of information.
    • Village Hall Website – Alex Schuilenburg.
    • Village Voice
  6. Identify volunteers for getting in touch with Utility Companies to find out if West Wickham has the infrastructure available.
    • Water – Cambridge Water
    • Sewage – Anglia Water
    • Electricity – N Power?
    • Telephone – BT
    • Broadband – BT
    • Land and Planning – South Cambs District Council
  7. AOB
  8. Next Meeting 3rd June