West Wickham and Streetly End

Meeting 1 Minutes

West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Date :           1st April 2014
Held at:       49 Burton End
Attendees:  Trevor Hall (Chairman), Arthur Mawby, John Hughes, Anita Walker, Naomi Walker, Nicky Cornish, Carol Hall, Chris Field, Tom Licence.

  1. The first meeting addressed the points in the Topics (Agenda) document circulated before the meeting.
  2. It provided an introduction to the aims of a Neighbourhood Plan and a copy of the Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans was included in an information folder for each member of the Working Group
  3. Matters Arising
    The group looked at the representative nature of the group (ethnicity, age, religion diversity and location. As the Parish is small the only missing factor identified was the lack of representation from Streetly End and Nicky Cornish was asked to find a volunteer.
    The need for a constitution for the Group was raised and whilst the Chairman thought it was not necessary he agreed to check it out with SCDC Neighbourhood Plan contact.
  4. The availability of funding for the project was discussed and the Chairman agreed to investigate the availability for the initial preparatory work. Front loading)
  5. A brief discussion was had regarding what the aims of the group would be and they came down to devising a questionnaire to get community support and to look at infrastructure supplies to see if any expectations could be met.
  6. There was a request to see if a completed plan could be sighted and the Chairman agreed to find one on the internet.
  7. The availability of members for future meetings was discussed and the preferred day appeared to be a Tuesday and the Chairman agreed to book the Village Hall for future meetings.