West Wickham and Streetly End

Meeting 2 Minutes

West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Date :             6th May 2014
Held at:         West Wickham Village Hall
Attendees:    Trevor Hall (Chairman), Arthur Mawby, John Hughes, Anita Walker, Naomi Walker, Nicky Cornish, Georgina Magin, Jennifer Dutton, Chris Field, Tom Licence.

The second meeting addressed the points in the Topics 2 (Agenda) document circulated before the meeting.

  1. The grant submission had been circulated to the group for comment and additional issues for the Plan to address were included. 1 typo corrected. Agreement for TLH to submit it for a grant request of £500.
  2.  Jennifer Dutton attended the meeting as a resident from Streetly End.
  3. It is not expected that all members of the working group will attend all meetings. There will also be a need to co-opt people to help out with legwork at a later date.
    It was noted that there may be a need for members of the working group to declare an interest where discussions or decisions may be affected by personal circumstances. This will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  4. The Village Survey Questionnaire had been circulated to members to form a basis for producing a community questionnaire for gleaning ideas for inclusion in the village plan.
    The kind of questions to be asked was briefly discussed ie whether ‘open’ or ‘closed’  questions should be used. Where open questions are used a clear guideline will need to be provided to explain what can be realistically delivered by the Plan.
    Nicky Cornish to take the lead on the Questionnaire development with help from TLH.
    Confirmation received that all WG members have access to MS Word.
  5. Publishing of information arising from Working Group meetings.
    The preferred method will be to have the work of the Working Group presented on the Village Hall Website and to have monthly submission to the Village Voice.
  6. The first practical tasks for the group is to find out about available infrastructure limitations which may limit expectations for development within the Parish.  Responsibility for making enquiries were allocated:
    Water Supply, Cambridge Water               –  Arthur Mawby
    Sewage, Anglia Water                                    –  John Hughes
    Electricity, N Power                                         –  Jennifer Dutton
    Telephone, BT                                                   –  Chris Field
    Broadband, BT                                                  –  Patrick Charlton (Broadband Champion)
    Land & Planning, SCDC                                   – Trevor Hall
  7. AOB Trevor Hall will attend a visit to affordable housing projects in South Cambridgeshire in 1st July which is being organised by Cambridgeshire ACRE
  8. Next meeting starts 2015 3rd June in the Village Hall