West Wickham and Streetly End

Village Hall

Terms, Conditions and Policies

Hire Agreement and Booking Standard Terms & Conditions of Hire West Wickham Village Hall Fire Policy Equality and Safeguarding Village Hall Covid-19 Documentation Special Conditions for opening Hall for general use Additional Requirements for Managing Covid-19 Risks Risk Assessment for opening Hall for general use Procedure for Hirers using the…

Equality and Safeguarding

The Management Committee has established two policies relating to the use of the Village Hall which are needed to show compliance with the 2014 Care Act and the 2010 Equality Act. The Care Act requires the safeguarding of vulnerable people and people at risk. These are identified as: Children Young…

Community Yoga Classes

Every Thursday from 4-5pm at the village hall.Very inclusive regardless of age, flexibility, fitness levels and much more. Classes are taught with strict social distancing in place. Please bring your own mat.   Please contact Myriam for more information & to book in.07494 130699 or on m.el-solh@hotmail.co.uk