West Wickham and Streetly End

Parish Council Activities concerning A1307 proposals.

If you would like to receive updates or additional information from the West Wickham Dual-Carriageway Action Group, please fill out this form or email your request to newroad@westwickham.org.

The Parish Council has maintained a close watch on issues connected to the proposals put forward by various bodies which are likely to affect the A1307.

We have a nominated member of the Parish Council attending the A1307 Local Liaison Forum which consults all parishes and residents’ associations which could be affected by changes to the A1307. This Forum was set up by the Cambridge City Deal which has now been renamed as the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

The Forum was set up to gain input from local people to enable the consultants to GCP to develop acceptable transport strategies along the A1307 including all forms of transport and to provide safety enhancements.

The Parish Council also attend the Balsham Combined Parishes Forum where District Councillors keep the 8 parishes in the ward informed of developments on a full range of topics. This forum is attended by representatives of South Cambridgeshire District Council Planning Department and Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Department to enable the parish representatives to get direct responses to planning and highway issues and see a common approach across parishes.

The Parish Council also attends an informal group of parish councillors from parishes adjoining the A1307 including Linton, Hadstock, Bartlow, Hildersham, Horseheath and the Abingtons who have concerns about traffic issues along the route.



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