West Wickham and Streetly End

Parish Council

Allen Hazlehurst 3 Maypole Croft, West Wickham, CB21 4SA 07485 050292 allen.hazlehurst1@gmail.com
Richard Ling   07715309802 richard@westwickham.org
Graham McNeillie The Old Chequers, 45 Streetly End, West Wickham, CB21 4RP 07770 832 510 graham@westwickham.org
Caroline Mulley-Richards   01223 290340 caroline@westwickham.org
David Sargeant (Vice-Chairman) 17 Burton End, West Wickham, CB21 4SD 07976 973929 davidjsargeant@gmail.com
Alex Schuilenburg (Chairman) 47 High Street, West Wickham, CB21 4RY 01223 290084 alex@schuilenburg.org
Ronnie Temple Field House, Burton End, West Wickham, CB21 4SD 07710 000153 ronnie.temple@gmail.com
Parish Clerk – Jenny Richards West Lodge, 88 High Street, Balsham, CB21 4EP 01223 665260 parish.clerk@westwickham.org

The entire parish council may be contacted via email at parish.council@westwickham.org

Subscribe to Residents Group for emails: https://www.westwickham.org/community/residents/