West Wickham and Streetly End


Are you from West Wickham, Streetly End or surrounding area and in need of a babysitter? Why not try contact our local babysitters and see if one is available?

Fill in the form below and your request will be passed onto all the known local babysitters. If any are available, they will contact you via email or phone for further information and the rest is up to you (please read the note below).

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    • this service simply will pass your request only onto the local babysitters and the West Wickham residents who moderate this service
    • there is no guarantee a babysitter will respond to your request
    • any agreement made is entirely between you and the babysitter
    • while the babysitters are known residents, it is up to you to determine their suitability
    • the babysitters have been advised to confirm your details, that you are a resident and that they are happy to provide a babysitting service
    • If you are interested in being a babysitter, please send an email to babysitters@westwickham.org with your details (name, email address to contact, experience, etc) asking to be put on the list. DO NOT send a request for a babysitter to this email address, this email address is only for prospective babysitters – please use the above form instead.