West Wickham and Streetly End

West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan

West Wickham Parish Council has authorised the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group to develop a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish of West Wickham.

You can contact the chairman of the working group at plan@westwickham.org.

You can to download the draft plan consulted on in our Regulation 14 consultation here.

Front page of West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan


Other documents relating to the development of the Plan can be found under the Parish->Neighbourhood Plan menu above.

West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan is not likely to require a Strategic Environmental Assessment. In addition the making of the West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan is not likely to have a significant effect on a European site. You can read the full screening determination statement.

West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan Working Group operates under the following terms of reference agreed with West Wickham Parish Council:

  1. The Working Group will work to produce a Neighbourhood Plan reflecting the wishes of residents which will be capable of passing a local referendum.
  2. Produce a list of policies which will address the expectations and wishes of residents that were found by the 2015 Survey and the findings of the Housing Needs Survey.
  3. Consider the 2015 Survey and establish if there is a need for additional information to be gathered for producing the Plan.
  4. Liaise with Cambridgeshire ACRE to produce a Housing Needs Survey Document.
  5. Distribute and collect survey forms to all households.
  6. Topics to be developed: (a) Housing development (b) Amenity development (c) Transport (d) Heritage issues (e) Natural environment (f) Traffic (h) Footpaths, pavements and bridleways. (i) Built environment.
  7. The working group will keep minutes of meetings and make these available to the Parish Council, and to the public via the Village website.
  8. The Working Group will have no authority to approve expenditure. All expenditure will be approved and made by the Parish Council.
  9. The Working Group will monitor the expenditure of monies in the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan budget.
  10. The Working Group will produce documentation for the Parish Council to submit for the obtaining of grants.
  11. The Working Group will maintain records of expenditure of grant monies received and document reports that the Parish Council will be required to submit.
  12. Decisions made by the Working Group in developing Policies will be made by votes of a quorum of not less than 5 members with the Chairman having a casting vote.

The minutes of the Working Group meetings between 2014 and 2021 are available to download.