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All the responses and comments from the Neighbourhood Plan Survey have now been summarised and circulated to the Parish Council. The results indicate a very positive support for having a Neighbourhood Plan and have provided wide range of topics which people would like to be considered. For an overview of the area covered by the Parish, please refer to this PDF file

The main benefits of having a Plan are to have some official input into how development is implemented in the Parish and allow the Parish Council access to a higher level of funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy.

The results are contained in two Excel spreadsheets, one contains all the answers to questions with Yes/No answers and statements of facts each individual’s response is recorded and these are then summarised in a single Summary table. The second one contains all the comments and suggestions people have made in response to questions requiring a written answer. To help in finding out what are peoples’ main concerns, the comments have been summarised into common topics alongside the written comments.

The website also contains two maps, one of Streetly End and one of West Wickham, these show the answers received to Question 13 where people were asked to indicate on a map where the felt that development could take place. The answers have been split into separate areas and the number of “votes” for each location are shown. Although the questionnaire asked for suggested sites to be kept within the present villages’ extremities, this did not inhibit people from expressing their ideas for alternative sites!

West Wickham Sites

West Wickham Sites

Streetly End Sites

Streetly End Sites

The Parish Council will study the results and complete an Application for Neighbourhood Area Designation for submission to South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC). To complete the application we have also had to identify all the businesses and landowners within the Parish and obtain their addresses and e mail addresses. This will enable SCDC to contact them during the consultation period and determine that they are fully consulted in all stages of a Neighbourhood Plan process.

Once the Parish Council have submitted the Application with its supporting documents the Application will be subject to a consultation period of 8 weeks during which it will be reviewed by the Planning Authority.

If the Application is successful the next stage will be to appoint a Working Group who can use the information from the Survey to produce a set of “Policies” which will outline the expectations of the residents. The development of the Plan must comply with the Local Development plan for South Cambridgeshire which has not yet been formally approved. This process will involve close support and advice from various bodies with expertise on Neighbourhood Plans such as Cambridgeshire ACRE and the District Council itself.

We appreciate that not everyone will have access to the internet to view the Survey results on-line so following the Parish Council’s Application being submitted we will have all the results available for inspection at the next Parish Council Meeting on Monday 27th July event in the Village Hall.

A Summary of the Survey Results

Number of Survey forms returned 253
People wishing to have housing in the Parish 7
Reasons for not finding suitable houses Non-availability/Cost/Size
People wishing to downsize 7
Reasons for not downsizing Non-availability/Cost/Size
Suggested siting of additional housing Adjacent to Existing houses 136
Brownfield sites 99
Greenfield within the village 64
Support more Village hall Amenities 190
Computer Users 222
Internet Users 199
Feel broadband is inadequate 197
Support having a telephone mast 151
Against having a telephone mast 83
Support having a Neighbourhood Plan 231

Trevor Hall

List of attachments

  1. West Wickham Parish Area
  2. Survey Results
  3. Survey Comments
  4. West Wickham Sites
  5. Streetly End Sites

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