West Wickham and Streetly End

West Wickham Village Hall Fire Policy

Responsible Person
Defined as the individual who hires the Hall or in the case of a group that uses the hall regularly their designated responsible person.

Fire Doors

  • Fire exit routes must be kept clear at all times.
  • All fire doors must be kept shut when not in use and not propped open.
  • Vision panels must never be obstructed.
  • Internal fire doors should be fitted with a closing mechanism; defects must be reported as soon as possible.

Fire Alarm / Emergency Lighting Testing
Appointed contractor carry out all statutory testing, if necessary demonstrate how to complete the necessary interim tests.

Details of escape routes; evacuation procedures and assembly points should be recorded on the “Fire Action Notice” displayed adjacent to call point positions. All fire exit signage MUST include a pictogram, i.e. the “running man”.

Assembly Points, The assembly point is in the rear car park.
The Responsible Person should designate a safe assembly point to be used in the event of an evacuation. All Hall users’ & visitors are made aware of its location which should clearly be indicated on the Fire Action Notice. Ideally assembly points should be:

  • An easily accessible open area, large enough to accommodate all employees, customers / visitors.
  • Close enough to avoid unnecessary delay in arrival but far enough away to ensure safety.
  • Access routes should as far as possible avoid crossing traffic, where necessary the evacuation plan may require a degree of traffic control.
  • Consideration should also be given to a back-up location in case the first preference is not accessible.

Fire Drills

Fire Marshal
The Responsible Person will act as fire marshal. The basic duties of the Fire Marshal are the same, to ensure that:

  • The property is evacuated quickly and efficiently.
  • All evacuees go directly to the appointed assembly point.
  • All occupants are accounted for.
  • The Fire Brigade has been called.

In the Event of a Fire

  • Sound an alarm.
  • Leave the building as soon as possible via the nearest appropriate escape route.
  • Do not attempt to tackle a fire unless trained and confidant to do so.
  • Exit in an orderly manner following the instructions of the Responsible person
  • Make sure that all Hall users leave the building and if possible, go to the assembly point.
  • Give assistance to Hall users with visual or hearing difficulties & wheelchair users as necessary.
  • Secure the Hall, ensuring a key holder remains available to give the Fire Brigade access if necessary.
  • Do not return into the building until the Fire Brigade has given instructions to do so.

Fire Extinguishers

  • Must be readily available for use at all times.
  • Be in a floor stand or wall mounted and not used as a “door stop”.
  • Any extinguisher that has been discharged / damaged must be replaced immediately via the Help Line.