West Wickham and Streetly End

Neighbourhood Plan – Character Assessment

Please protect village character and rural nature

 Any development should be sympathetic to the general nature of our small village

These are comments made by residents during Neighbourhood Plan consultations but what exactly do people mean by ‘character’ and ‘rural nature’?  Particularly as understanding the local character is crucial to the conservation or enhancement of the specific qualities of the village and can ensure that any development proposals are appropriate and of a design which respects and compliments its nature.  With this in mind the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has produced a Character Assessment of the village to be used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan (and subsequently the Parish Council and planning authorities during any planning process).

Several of you took part in our walks earlier in the year as we tried to identify and assess different Character Areas through, for example, building types, ages and materials, open spaces, trees and hedges and views from outside and within.  We have accordingly divided the village into four Character Assessment Areas – High Street West, High Street East, Burton End and Streetly End – each we consider with its own characteristics.  We now need to know if YOU think we’ve got this right and captured what you think is the character of the village and the Area within you live. The draft Character Assessment can be found here West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan – Draft Character Assessment (revised).  Photographs and additional maps will be added to the final document.

Please do come along to:




There will be displays of each Character Assessment Area illustrated with maps and photographs so PLEASE COME ALONG TO LOOK, CHAT WITH MEMBERS OF THE WORKING GROUP AND HAVE YOUR SAY.

Further details from Trevor Hall Tel: 290559