West Wickham and Streetly End

UK Power Network Supply Issues – March 2018

8 March

Update: Good news! Volatages over 253V are no longer being recorded as UK Power network have installed/activated an overvoltage protection circuit, as well monitoring equipment at the transformer for the lower end of the village. You may view the current live voltage here.

16 February

Other than the usual power-line flickering and brief power outages during heavy weather, the church end of West Wickham has been experiencing periodic but sustained over-voltages above the legal tolerance (253V – marked in RED on the graphs below). While most domestic appliances are capable of handling over-voltages for brief periods, sensitive electrical items such as a LED lights commonly fail.

After performing a domestic survey over a week in February, UK Power Networks have acknowledged there is a fault with their power supply which they will investigate and hopefully resolve over the following months. Notice will be given in advance should there be a need to interrupt your power supply.

  1. The graph below depicts the period July 2016 to February 2018. The break during February-March 2017 is where the equipment measuring the voltage was damaged through over-voltage – historic tracking resumed in Oct 2017 when the power supply was normal. The over-voltage recurrance is evident from mid-December 2017.

    Jul 2016 – Feb 2018 Yearly voltage (1 day average)
  2. The graph below depicts the period 23 February – 7 March where over-voltage peaks are still evident. It was taken shortly before the over-voltage protection circuit (or similar) was introduced.

    23 February – 7 March Weekly voltage (30 minute average)

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