West Wickham and Streetly End

Residential Power Voltage

Due to previous power supply issues where the legal maximum of 253V was regularly being exceeded, the voltage in West Wickham between the Village Hall and the Church is being tracked. Such over-voltage can cause failure of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, such as LED bulbs, telephones and computers.

If you experience regular abnormal failure of such equipment, it is worthwhile checking here to determine if the period in which your equipment failed was subject to over-voltage, and if so you can claim back the cost of the failed equipment from UK Power Networks. As part of the process, you will need to let them install their own monitoring device to verify the fault is external to your property. They will also remove and test your damaged equipment to verify they were damaged as a result of over-voltage, after which you will be able to claim the cost of replacements.

The following live graphs illustrate the current residential voltage of one residence between the village hall and the church. These graphs are updated every 5 minutes. The legal maximum is 253V, indicated by the dotted red line on the graphs.

Daily voltage (5 minute average)

Weekly voltage (30 minute average)

Monthly voltage (2 hour average)

Yearly voltage (1 day average)