West Wickham and Streetly End

Neighbourhood Plan Housing Needs Survey & Drop-In Session

January will be a busy month for the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

As advertised in the January Village Voice, there will be a drop-in session at the Village Hall on Saturday 14 January between 3-6pm. The session will give residents the chance to have their say on the development of the neighbourhood plan. Members of the working group will be in attendance and will be joined by a local housing expert from Cambridgeshire ACRE or a housing association representative.

In the coming days, a volunteer from the working group will hand-deliver a Housing Needs Survey form to every household. The survey will be come with letters from Cambridgeshire ACRE, the Parish Council and a frequently asked questions sheet. The working group members will attempt to hand the forms over in person so you can raise any immediate queries. You can also come and ask questions or get help with completing the survey at the drop-in session.

The Housing Needs Surveys will be collected by the working group volunteers towards the end of January.

January 2017 Newsletter

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