West Wickham and Streetly End

Superfast Broadband Upgrade – successes and failures with cabinet 7

While a few residents have reported being successfully upgraded to FTTC in West Wickham over the last week, a great deal more have reported their FTTC upgrades have been indefinitely delayed.

These reports can be summed up as follows: most residents who are experiencing delays have had at least two activation dates missed and are currently waiting for new activation dates from their ISPs.

The theme of errors reported appears to be a serious fault with Cabinet 7 and an external or underground fault. Their ISPs are unable to currently provide them with new activation dates as the faults first have to be investigated and “engineers with an enhanced skill level to work underground as well as in the cabinet are required. As these engineers are a premium resource, we cannot provide you with new activation dates until these issues are first resolved.”

It is truly very very unfortunate that with all the issues many of us have had to endure regarding broadband and telephone over the last several years that just when we think we have seen the back of them, this happens. I’ll keep residents updated on the West Wickham Broadband mailing list and on the website.

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