West Wickham and Streetly End

Road Closure: 39-47 High Street, 11-15 Mar 2019

Update: The timing of this work has been brought forward to 6-8 March to coincide with the previously announced closure to minimise the period of disruption on the High Street.

Dates Reason Details
39-47 High Street
11-15 Mar 2019 UK Power Networks
Connections Small Service:Installation of a new electricity supply for a customer:12m of trench in Grass verge

3 thoughts on “Road Closure: 39-47 High Street, 11-15 Mar 2019

  1. Natasha Power

    Will this result in power being off please? We have a severely disabled child who’s necessary equipment (hoisting and bed) will need to be used during day if he is home

    1. Alex Post author

      We have not had any notification of power being turned off, and UK Power Networks are normally thorough with notifications and making arrangements for circumstances such as ours. That said, we usually have had notifications only a couple of weeks before the work was due to progress. Should power need to be turned off, I would expect it only to be the lower end of the High Street (Church end through to Home Close/Village Hall) as that is on a separate transformer from the upper end, as has happened on previous occasions.

  2. Alex Post author

    The school busses have been informed of the road closure and are expected to follow the diversion routes. It is expected that the bus companies will inform the respective schools whether there will be any changes to the stops.

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