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Pet Recovery Fraud

Cambridgeshire Police Fraud Alert

People who report their pets as missing or stolen using online services, may be the target of fraudsters.

How it works

The fraudster contacts the victim whose pet went missing or was stolen, purporting that they found their pet. They request payment for the safe return of the pet and in some extreme cases, the fraudster may threaten to harm or sell the pet if the victim is reluctant to transfer the funds. The situation is stressful for the victim who is worried about their missing pet. Even though they may not fully believe the suspect, they do not want to risk any harm happening to the pet.

The fraudster contacts the victim with a text or call. It is highly likely that the fraudster obtains the victim contact details and learns about their missing pet from posts that the victim puts online or as posters in the local area.

Although I have not seen any similar reports within Cambridgeshire, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t already happened or won’t happen in the future so please accept this email as a gentle alert to the scam should you or others you know be in the unfortunate position of having lost a pet.


Mr Nigel Sutton 8517
Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor
Serious & Organised Crime (Intelligence and Specialist Crime Department)

Ext: 01480 422773
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Hinchingbrooke Park,
Huntingdon, PE29 6NP

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