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Vandalism of the Children’s Play Area

Parents, do you know what your children are doing
outside the home?

Unfortunately there have been a number of instances of vandalism at the playground and around the Village Hall over the last 5 months. The cradle swing seat was irreparably broken in early August, a number of pickets of the fence surrounding the playground have been broken at various times since May and at the end of September a picket fence panel was destroyed. Naturally, this has meant that some playground equipment could not be used over the summer months, leaving some young children
saddened and disappointed, and resulting in families having to travel to other facilities in nearby villages. In addition, the repair and replacement costs to the Parish Council are now reaching several hundred pounds.

These incidents have been reported to the police and logged as a crime. One vandal, a young teen, was captured on CCTV damaging the fence and one of the goal posts.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, in particular the damaged fence panel and the cradle seat, please contact PCSO Chris Wiseman at Sawston Police Station on 101. If you witness any crime or vandalism in progress, please dial 999 as soon as possible.

Please also report any vandalism or damage to the playground equipment and surrounds to the Parish Council by emailing parish.council@westwickham.org. Damage or vandalism to the Village Hall can be reported via email to hall_committee@westwickham.org. While we do perform inspections of these facilities, these are done on a volunteer basis so we would greatly appreciate reports by residents to
allow for timely responses and repairs. 

One thought on “Vandalism of the Children’s Play Area

  1. Julia Vellacott

    I just wanted to let you know that we have been playing in the park after dark (Nov 22). I am supervising them and not causing any damage. Just wanted to reassure anyone who might be worried by my hooded boys hiding in the dark – playing hide and seek. It is hard getting kids out in the winter but we are enjoying getting out and playing still.

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