West Wickham and Streetly End

Housing Need Survey Results Report for West Wickham

Survey undertaken in January 2017


Cambridgeshire ACRE was commissioned to carry out a Housing Needs Survey in West Wickham in October 2016 by West Wickham Parish Council. This survey was carried out with the support of Hastoe Housing Association and South Cambridgeshire District Council. The survey costs have been met by Hastoe Housing Association.

The survey was commissioned to feed into the West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan. The specific aims of the survey were to gauge opinion on the value of developing affordable homes for local people in the parish and to determine the scale and nature of affordable housing need. However, the nature of the survey means that it also identifies wider market need such as, for example, downsizing.


“there are nine households identified as being in need of affordable housing who either live in, or have a local connection to, West Wickham”


To fulfil all current and immediate housing need in West Wickham, nine new affordable homes would have to be built. A smaller scheme, of say six dwellings (plus any necessary market homes), would help to ensure all properties are let to local people.

Furthermore, the scale, design and location of any scheme will need to adhere to the planning policy contained within the Local Development Framework for South Cambridgeshire District Council on rural exception sites. Further discussions between the parish council, Hastoe Housing Association and South Cambridgeshire District Council should help inform the proposals for any potential scheme and to ensure that local lettings are maximised.

The full report is available here: