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Superfast Upgrades – Cabinet 7 issues reported as resolved

As many residents will appreciate, we had issues when Cabinet 7 went live in January. This was due to a BT-OpenReach half-job which they thought they could get away with by assuming less than 40% take up of SuperFast broadband in West Wickham.

According to BT-OpenReach, these issues have now all been resolved, so those waiting for the dust to settle, now is probably a good time to place your order for a Superfast upgrade.

I have just been provided with the following update of the resolution from BT-OpenReach:

  • On 2nd February an engineer was sent on-site to cabinet 7 to identify the copper pairs that were missed in the initial installation, and subsequently move them in to the cabinet and confirm the routing back to the exchange. All lines, with the exception of three, were moved into the cabinet allowing outstanding fibre broadband orders to be delivered on 2 February. The three lines that could not be moved into the cabinet were communicated back to the council, and additional work was required to test and locate the pairs, and turn them into the cabinet. This work was completed on Monday 20 February.
  • A resolution was not delivered on a case-by-case basis, but all the lines that were due to be installed were collectively addressed at the earliest opportunity.

If anyone has any new issues or delays ordering Superfast Broadband from Cabinet 7, or missed activation dates after 20th February, please let me know. I will endeavour to chase these up.

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